General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Cairn de Gavrinis (Larmor-Baden), Cairn de Petit Mont (Arzon)




Contact Information for the Institution Managing the Cairn de Gavrinis and the Cairn de Petit Mont

The Cairn of Gavrinis - Larmor Baden and the Cairn of Petit-Mont - Arzon are heritage sites owned by the department of Morbihan and managed by the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan, a société publique locale, with a share capital of €4,084,593, registered in the Vannes Trade and Companies Registrar under number 317 823 409. VAT ID: FR 09 317 823 409.

Any requests for information or any complaints should be addressed to the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan as follows:

Postal Address: 18 rue Alain Gerbault – CS 62221 – 56006 Vannes cedex.
Telephone: 02 97 42 63 44


Cairns’ Contact Information

Cairn de Gavrinis:
Cale de Pen Lannic – 56 870 Larmor-Baden
02 97 57 19 38

Cairn de Petit Mont:
Le Petit Mont, 56 640 Arzon
02 97 53 74 03



Article 1 - Content and Scope

These general terms and conditions of sale apply automatically to the services provided by the Cairn of Gavrinis and the Cairn of Petit Mont.

They apply to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, and in particular any terms and conditions applicable through other distribution and marketing channels.

The sale is deemed to have been entered into by the seller on the date of acceptance of the order or purchase.

Any order or purchase entails the unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale, which shall take precedence over all other terms and conditions, with the exception of those expressly accepted by the seller.

The purchaser declares that he/she has read these general terms and conditions of sale and has accepted them prior to his/her purchase or placing of an order.


Article 2 - Pre-Contract Information

2.1 These general terms and conditions of sale shall be communicated to the purchaser, who shall acknowledge receipt prior to his/her purchase or placing of an order and entering into the contract.


2.2 The following information shall be provided to the purchaser, in a clear and understandable format, at the front desk of the Cairn de Gavrinis and the Cairn de Petit Mont and on their websites:

-  The essential features of the services or goods;

-  The prices of the services or goods corresponding to the rates applicable on the day of the visit or the crossing, expressed in euros and including all taxes, fees and transport costs.


2.3 Any requests or complaints must be addressed in writing to the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan and sent by post to 18 rue Alain Gerbault - CS 62221 - 56006 Vannes cedex or by e-mail to

2.4 The Cairn of Gavrinis and the Cairn of Petit Mont are extremely fragile prehistoric sites, classified as Historic Monuments. Visitors must comply with any written and/or verbal instructions to preserve these sites, communicated by the information panels, tourism brochures and facilitators in charge of the visits, in particular:



  • to leave all bags at the front desk of the Cairn de Petit Mont and in locked storage containers at the information center on the island of Gavrinis, in order to avoid any rubbing against the engravings;


  • visits are limited to groups of 10 people maximum inside the Cairn of Gavrinis and 12 people maximum inside the Cairn of Petit Mont, in order to avoid any rubbing against the engravings;


  • touching the engraved slabs is strictly forbidden;


  • no climbing on the monument (stones could fall off and cause injuries);


  • no eating or smoking on site;


  • to leave any pets at home, as no pet will be allowed on the site, even if kept on a leash.



Article 3 – Place of Sale

Tickets to visit the Cairn de Gavrinis and/or the Cairn de Petit Mont may be purchased:

  • At the ticket counter of the Cairn de Gavrinis
  • At the ticket counter of the Cairn de Petit Mont
  • For online reservations (from April 2019): on the websites or, or via certain tourist offices websites



Article 4 – Price Estimates

For services (in particular for group visits) which give rise to a preliminary cost estimate, the sale shall be considered final upon completion of the following procedures, set out here in chronological order:

  • Sending of a quotation and the available dates for a visit
  • Return of the signed quotation from the customer, including the phrase “read and Approved”;
  • Booking the date(s) for the visit;
  • 20% of the final set price will be asked as a deposit in order to confirm the booking. This deposit has to be paid at least 15 days before the date of visit. Passed this date, your booking will be canceled, and your places put up back for sale.
  • Acceptance of the order by the service provider.

The price estimates drawn up by the service provider shall be valid until the date scheduled for the visit.



Article 5 – Ticket Purchases

5.1 “Order” shall be understood to mean any order relating to the services appearing on the seller’s price list, which has been accepted by the seller, accompanied by the payment of any deposit provided for on the order form.

Ticket orders can be placed by phone for the Cairn de Gavrinis at 02 97 57 19 38 and for the Cairn de Petit Mont at 02 97 53 74 03. We recommend purchasing your ticket directly on the website for the order to be confirmed and final.

Tickets can be ordered at the entrance to the Cairn de Petit Mont, subject to availability.


5.2 Tickets can be collected at the ticket counter at least 45 minutes prior to the boat's departure for the Cairn de Gavrinis or prior to the visit of the Cairn de Petit Mont. Boarding cannot be guaranteed for passengers who have not picked up their tickets 30 minutes before departure. The ticket may then be available for sale to another customer.


Article 6 – On-line Orders

6.1 On-line orders may be placed on the websites  or

All orders received by the seller are considered final.

6.2 On-line purchases of tickets from the websites of the Cairn de Gavrinis and the Ciarn de Petit Mont shall be made exclusively by credit card. These websites accept CARTE BLEUE, VISA, EUROCARD and MASTERCARD.

The purchaser’s bank account shall be debited the amount of the order as soon as the payment center accepts the transaction.

As soon as the transaction is completed, the purchaser shall be informed of the completion of the order in the browser window used for the secure request. The purchaser shall receive an e-mail confirming the purchase. The purchaser shall be able to print an invoice from his/her personal account.

Payments are made via the secure "Payzen" platform. For any information, please consult the website of our service provider:

As soon as the payment center confirms the payment of the order, the purchaser shall receive an e-mail confirming his/her order from the online ticketing site of Champs Libres. This shall confirm payment, and contains links to view and print off the passes.

The confirmation email serves as an "acknowledgement of receipt” of the order and contains the following information:

  • important information on the purchased entry right(s)
  • the unique reference number
  • the total amount of the order

The ticket(s) ordered shall be sent to the customer by e-mail to the address provided upon placement of the order.

The customer is responsible for the printing of his tickets and presenting them at the ticket counter n the date of the visit (at least 30 minutes before the boat leaves for the Cairn de Gavrinis).


Article 7 – Special Orders (Additional Requirements)

7.1 Group orders are subject to availability. Group rates apply to groups of 20 or more participants.

The order shall be considered final only when the reservation is confirmed by the customer in writing, upon receipt of the deposit. The final number of participants must be confirmed by the group leader 10 days before departure. The invoice will be based on this number and will not take into account any last-minute no shows or cancellations.

The group must arrive 45 minutes before the time of departure for the visit so that participants can be counted.


7.2 Orders of a combination ticket for the Cairn de Gavrinis/Cairn de Petit Mont: The combination ticket offers purchasers a special rate to visit both sites -on a guided visit- at two different times during the season. It is important to adhere to the reservation timeline, especially for visits to the Cairn de Gavrinis.


7.3 Orders for a “Plaisancier” (or "Seafarer") ticket: this ticket is only for the Cairn de Gavrinis. Changes to the order (number of participants, visit time slot, etc.) can be made up until one week before departure, subject to availability.



Article 8 - Cancellation of an Order

In the event that, after acceptance by the seller, the purchaser cancels the order or fails to appear at the time of the visit or boading (in the case of the Cairn de Gavrinis) for any reason other than force majeure, any payments made in advance shall be retained by the seller as compensation for any losses suffered.


For groups (20 or more participants), however, cancellation may be made in writing 10 days before the scheduled visit date. 


In the event the Compagnie des ports du Morbihan cancels the order, the purchaser may obtain either a new ticket for another time slot or receive a credit in the amount of the full price of the ticket concerned. No compensation shall be due for any indirect losses suffered by the purchaser as a result of this cancellation.



Article 9 – Visuals - Intellectual Property

The photographs featured in our commercial documents and websites are not contractual, however every effort is made to ensure that the featured photographs, graphic representations and texts reproduced to provide a depiction of the sites give as accurate an overview as possible of the services offered.

All technical documents, products, drawings and photographs given to purchasers remain the exclusive property of the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan, the sole owner of the intellectual property rights to these documents, and must be returned to it at its request.

The purchaser agrees not to make any use of these documents that may infringe upon the industrial or intellectual property rights of the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan.



Article 10 – Provision of Tablets

Tablets are available to visitors on site to enrich the visit and discovery of the monuments.

To borrow a tablet, you will be asked to provide a valid ID at the front desk of the site as a guarantee. It will be returned to you at the end of your visit, once you have returned the tablet to the reception area.

The tablets made available are checked at each return by the staff of the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan. In the event of damage caused by the visitor, the visitor shall be responsible for the full costs of repair.



Article 11 – Consent to Jurisdiction

All disputes resulting from the sales transactions concluded pursuant to these general terms and conditions of sale concerning their validity, interpretation, execution, termination, consequences and ramifications, which were not able to be resolved amicably between the seller and the customer, shall be submitted to the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Rennes Court of Appeals.


Article 13 - Language of the Contract

These general terms and conditions of sale have been drafted in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more foreign languages, the French text alone shall prevail in the event of a dispute.

Article 14 – Mediation

The purchaser may use a mediator accredited by the French courts.


Article 15 - Protection of Personal Data (Website in particular)

15.1 Collection of Personal Data

The personal data collected on this site (or "Platform") are as follows:


  • Opening an Account: When creating the user's account, the user’s last name, first name, e-mail address and date of birth.
  • Login: When the user logs in to the Platform, the Platform records, in particular, his or her last name, first name, login, usage data, location and payment data.
  • Profile: The use of the services provided on the Platform enables users to enter a profile, which may include an address and a telephone number.
  • Payment: In connection with the payment for products and services offered on the Platform, the Platform records financial data relating to the user's bank account or credit card.
  • Communication: Data on user communications is stored temporarily when the Platform is used to communicate with other members.
  • Cookies: Cookies are used in connection with the use of the site. The user can disable cookies from his/her browser or settings.

15.2 Use of Personal Data

The purpose of the personal data collected from users is to provide Platform services, improve such services and maintain a secure environment. More specifically, the uses are as follows:

-  user access to and use of the Platform;

-  management and optimization of the Platform;

-  organization of the conditions of use of the Payment Services;

-  verification, identification and authentication of data transmitted by the user;

-  offering the user the possibility to communicate with other users of the Platform;

-  implementation of user assistance;

-  customization of services by displaying ads based on the user's browsing history, according to their preferences;

-  fraud prevention and detection, malware (malicious software) and security incident management;

-  management of possible disputes with users;

-  sending commercial and advertising information, according to the user's preferences.


15.3 Sharing of Personal Data with Third Parties

Personal data may be shared with third parties in the following cases:

-  when the user uses payment services, the Platform shall contact third party banking and financial companies with which it has entered into agreements in order to implement such services;

-  when the user publishes publicly accessible information in the free comment areas of the Platform;

-  when the user authorizes the website of a third party to access his or her data;

-  when the Platform uses the services of service providers to provide user support, advertising and payment services. These service providers have limited access to the user's data in the context of the performance of these services, and have a contractual obligation to use them in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data;

-  if required by law, the Platform may transmit data to respond to complaints against the Platform and comply with administrative and judicial procedures;

-  if the Platform is involved in a merger, acquisition, disposal of assets or receivership proceedings, it may sell or share all or part of its assets, including personal data. In this case, users would be informed before the personal data is transferred to a third party.


15.4 Security and Confidentiality

The Platform for online orders implements organizational, technical, software and physical measures for digital security to protect personal data against unauthorized modification, destruction and access. However, it should be noted that the Internet is not a completely secure environment and the Platform for online orders cannot guarantee the security of the transmission or storage of information on the Internet.


15.5 Implementation of User Rights

In accordance with the regulations applicable to personal data, users have the following rights:

-  they can update or delete their data by logging into their account and configuring the settings;

-  they can delete their account by writing to the following e-mail address: . It should be noted that information shared with other users, such as forum postings, may remain visible to the public on the Platform, even after the user’s account has been deleted;

-  they can exercise their right of access to be informed of which personal data the Platform has, by writing to the following e-mail address: The Platform may request proof of the user's identity in this instance in order to verify its accuracy before allowing access to this data;

-  if the personal data the Platform has is inaccurate, users may request its rectification in writing to the following e-mail address:;

-  in accordance with applicable data protection laws, users may request the deletion of their personal data in writing to the following e-mail address: